You can buy just about everything online these days. From food, to clothes, to general household items, you can purchase these items at a touch of your phone's screen. Porsche, on the other hand, has taken it to a whole new level.

With an app, you can configure and buy your dream Porsche.

“With the introduction of online car sales, we will safeguard the competitiveness of our Porsche Centres in the era of digitalization. We are very proud of the fact that we can offer our customers a digital purchase option within the established Porsche environment – and can implement this integrated solution for Porsche on the German market for the first time,” says Alexander Pollich, CEO of Porsche Deutschland GmbH.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available for the German market, at least for now. Still, it would be interesting if other brands under the Volkswagen Auto Group will follow suit. Of course, it's not like a delivery service wherein the car will be simply delivered to you. You'll still have to go to your nearest dealer to be able to drive off in it. It's for (obvious) security reasons and the dealer has to see you for authentication and the final conclusion of the sale contract. You are getting a major purchase after all.

Porsche adds that they are expanding their digital sales network in the coming years, and it won't just be cars that you can buy straight from the dealership. Soon, they will add parts and services to their online catalog too, making owning a Porsche even more convenient. They didn't say if parts will be sent to your home or if they will send a mechanic over to your house to perform services, but it's a nice extension of customer service nonetheless.

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