Let's give the rumor mill a kick start, especially since we're talking about one of the best selling cars in the region, and the best selling passenger car in the Philippines.

We have just learned from our sources in the ASEAN region that Toyota is already busy working on the new generation model of the Toyota Vios, otherwise known as the Yaris sedan, Yaris L or Yaris Ativ, depending on where you are in the world.

The Vios 4-door sedan is being developed alongside its hatchback brother, the Toyota Yaris. Mind you, the Yaris we get in the region is different from the Yaris in other parts of the world like Japan; this is a distinct model.

The development of the Vios is currently underway under the project code DG7. Further information is slim, but we wouldn't be surprised if Toyota focused on improving the safety, fuel economy, and overall comfort of the vehicle.

Once completed, we were informed that the code for the Vios will be D92A, and will replace the third generation Vios XP150.

The Vios first appeared in 2002 as a first-generation model (XP40), and was a CBU import into the Philippine market. The second generation Vios model (XP90) was a reworked Toyota Belta which first debuted in Japan in 2005, but was released worldwide a few years later in 2007. That model was built at the Toyota Motor Philippines plant as a CKD.

The third-generation model debuted in 2013 with a new look and new engines. There was a bit of confusion regarding the third-generation model as Toyota implemented a very comprehensive facelift of the Vios in 2018, so much so that it may be mistaken for a new generation model. In reality, both the 2013-2018 Vios and late-2018 Vios are mechanically the same, just improved and restyled. Effectively, it is a Generation 3.5.

As for timing for the full fourth-generation model, our sources say the all-new Vios will have its world premiere in August 2022, while the Yaris 5-door hatchback will follow a year later in 2023.

We're still waiting on more information regarding the next-generation Vios, like if it will have a turbo petrol engine or possibly even a hybrid variant as Toyota is fast expanding their hybrid offerings. Once we know, you'll know.