WardsAuto has recently revealed the 10 best engines for 2017, a list comprised of seven turbocharged engines and three electrified drivetrains. Surprisingly there are no power units that are made up solely of naturally-aspirated engines amongst the top 10.

Similar to the previous years, the editors of WardsAuto chose their winners through testing its 40 nominees in real world conditions. After then, they scored each engine based on the following: horsepower,torque, specification, noise, fuel economy as well as new technology.

The current crop sees turbocharged engines dominating the list yet again. Seven out of the ten engines listed came with forced induction while the rest had some form of electric assist.

Highlights of the winners included the Infiniti Q50 and the Chevrolet Volt's respective powertrains. The Infiniti Q50 equipped with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine puts out 406 PS with its mirror-bore cylinder coatings, electrically driven-intake valve timing and integrated exhaust manifolds. WardsAuto said that the new VR engine family might be a dynasty in the making, similar to the VQ engine which appeared regularly on the list.

Included in the list for the second time is the Chevrolet Volt. Judges praised the Volt's electric motor range of 85 kilometers and the performance of the gas engine when assisted by electric power.

-3.0L Turbocharged DOHC I6 (BMW M240i)

-2.3L Turbocharged DOHC 4-cylinder (Ford Focus RS)

-3.6L DOHC V6 / Dual Motor PHEV (Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid)

-2.0L DOHC 4-cylinder / Dual Motor HEV (Honda Accord Hybrid)

-1.4L Turbocharged DOHC 4-cylinder (Hyundai Elantra Eco)

-2.0L Turbocharged DOHC 4-cylinder (Mercedes-Benz C300)

-2.0L Turbo/Supercharged DOHC 4-cylinder (Volvo V60 Polestar)

-2.5L Turbocharged DOHC 4-cylinder (Mazda CX-9) 

-3.0L Turbocharged DOHC V6 (Infiniti Q50)

-1.5L DOHC 4-cylinder / Dual Motor EREV (Chevrolet Volt)

The winning automakers will receive their awards at the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIS) in January.