Bureau of Customs crushes 30 smuggled vehicles worth Php 61.6 million

The Bureau of Customs has pushed through with the crushing of 30 smuggled vehicles from the ports of Cebu, Davao and Manila. The mix of Japanese, European and American cars were valued at Php 61.6 million and were all destroyed simultaneously under the watch of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Concurrently, today marks the 166th founding anniversary of the BOC. 20 cars were crushed in the port of Manila, 7 in Davao, and 3 in Cebu. A variety of Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs were destroyed, along with a whole fleet of Toyota Land Cruisers in Davao. However, one car in particular caught the eyes of viewers on social media. If the wrecked European luxury sedans and Land Cruisers don't look painful enough, a classic Chevrolet Corvette, a C3 to be exact, was among the casualties.

WATCH: Classic Chevrolet Corvette crushed to 'warn future smugglers'

With that, there are those pointing out that there are some cars missing during the crushing. It is worth noting that the McLaren 720S and the pair of Lamborghinis weren't part of today's wreckfest. Will we be seeing these cars crushed on a different day instead?

WATCH: Classic Chevrolet Corvette crushed to 'warn future smugglers'

There have been mixed reactions towards thee BOC's move to destroy the smuggled vehicles. Some say that the Corvette could be part of a museum. Some have even commented that the Land Cruisers would have been a viable addition for the Presidential Security Group fleet. The rest on the other hand are saying that this show of force can and will deter smugglers in the future.