Flying cars are closer to reality than ever before.

Last year a Japanese tech company called NEC managed to successfully test a flying vehicle prototype via remote control. This year, another Japanese company, SkyDrive, managed to get their flying vehicle off the ground complete with a pilot on board. But if you watched videos of the two, you’ll notice that they aren’t really “flying”. Instead, they’re just hovering off the ground.

Watch KleinVision’s flying car drive, then take to the skies image

However, one company’s flying car has already completed its maiden flight. Better yet, it was driven to the airfield just like any other vehicle. Built by a Slovakia-based company called KleinVision, the AirCar uses a full four-wheel car design and can seat two, unlike its Japanese counterpart. And for those wondering, yes, it actually works both as a plane and a car.

As shown in the video, the AirCar was seen being driven to the airfield where it then transformed into a propeller plane. According to the company, the vehicle transforms from road vehicle to air vehicle in less than 3-minutes and is all done automatically. No need to hop out and attach the wings manually here. On the topic of wings, they are hidden inside the body and can fold in and out when needed. While in plane-mode, the tail also extends a couple of feet to make it more aerodynamic.

On the topic of styling, the AirCar will certainly stand out as a road car, even with the wings folded and hidden from view. No doubt people will notice the propeller and the huge vertical wings at the rear. No doubt, however, the design has come a long way from before.

Watch KleinVision’s flying car drive, then take to the skies image

As much as most of us would want to own one to bypass Metro Manila traffic, there are some drawbacks with KleinVision’s AirCar. For starters, the video shows it still needs a runway to use, so it won’t be the most practical. Then there’s the price, which would probably cost more than an arm and a leg. Owners would probably need to have a pilot's license to operate it too.

Still, flying cars are exciting, and surely those who can afford and are licensed to fly it would want to own one.