The Land Cruiser 70 Series is perhaps one of the most hardy vehicles in the world. What it lacks in modern road manners, it makes up for its off-road capability, as well as its practicality, and versatility. It can be configured in various settings like a pick-up truck, SUV, as well as a bakkie, a light-duty pick-up truck with a custom bed.

It’s still in production today and is still revered by many Land Cruiser enthusiasts. Not only is it a robust 4x4, but it’s also a great family (or business) vehicle. And apparently, it’s also a great armored vehicle when you need to evade robbers attempting a highway heist.

That’s what happened to a pair of security personnel when they became the victims of an attempted highway robbery in South Africa.

In the video, the two were transporting cash in their armored Toyota Land Cruiser up until the driver started to notice something unusual on his side mirror. He was right to check his mirror since another vehicle suddenly closed in on his side and opened fire. Fortunately, the bulletproof glass and armor plating of the vehicle stopped any bullets from entering.

The driver, identified as Leo Prinsloo, sprung into action and attempted to take control of the situation. Prinsloo rammed against a second attacking vehicle in order to avoid taking any more hits. He then decided to take a U-turn in order to evade the attackers. The robbers, however, attempted to put a stop to Prinsloo’s tactical driving by shooting more bullets at the Land Cruiser from the opposite direction. Luckily, no bullets entered the vehicle and both Prinsloo and his companion were alright.

LC70 Cash In Transit Heist image

But how was Prinsloo able to remain calm despite everything that's happening? The driver is actually a former member of the South African Police (SAP) Service’s Special Task Force; a SWAT-type unit. They are also trained to deal with high-risk threats in land, sea, and air. Given his decorated credentials, it’s safe to assume that his training helped him be on top of the situation.

Eventually, they were able to evade the robbers. But just to be sure, Prinsloo exited the damaged Land Cruiser and armed himself with what looked to be an M4 assault rifle. Apparently, he was waiting to ambush the robbers should they have attempted to follow him and his companion.

LC70 Cash In Transit Heist image

Luckily that did not happen as the robbers escaped and abandoned their vehicle nearby. As for the armored Land Cruiser, it’s looking a little worse for wear. Its front bumper got damaged, while many of its windows were ruined by gunfire. Even other parts of the vehicle appeared to have suffered damage due to the attempted heist. On the bright side, at least the vehicle did its job of protecting the occupants from gunfire.

Check out the full video above and see for yourself just how Prinsloo and his companion were able to outmaneuver, outrun, and outplay the robbers.