After countless gimmicks, exotic locations, and equally absurd obstacles throughout the years, Ken Block takes this year’s Gymkhana video into different heights… literally. Armed with a revamped, 1400PS Twin Turbo version of the Hoonicorn Mustang used in Gymkhana Seven, Block attacks the biggest hill climb known to motorsports: Pikes Peak.

With its summit standing at 4,302 meters, the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb has a 20km course with 156 corners from start to finish. While most of the time this course is clocked by drivers to see who’s fastest, Block and the Hoonigan team figured the perilous course would be perfect for what they do best – lots of skids and lots of smoke.

Of course, being a ‘Gymkhana Video’, Climbkhana isn’t a straightforward affair of going from start to finish. True to his style, Ken Block circles around various barrels, boxes, and vehicles as he makes his way to the summit. Most of this clip’s appeal though comes from the fact that the Hoonicorn dumps billows of smoke as it takes every corner. While this year’s Climbkhana lacks fancy ornaments or expensive obstacles, it is quite refreshing to see Ken Block take Gymkhana to a place that is closer to motorsports – thereby providing a true showcase of his talent behind the wheel.

Save a good 10 minutes of your time for the clip above, enjoy.