BF Homes Paranaque is possibly one of the biggest gated communities in the Philippines. In fact, the subdivision is so big, those not familiar with the area can get lost inside quite easily. Ever since the community was ordered to open its gate to public motorists, traffic in the area has also gotten worse over the years. In a bid to improve the traffic situation in the area, Barangay BF Homes will start implementing a new traffic scheme in the area.

Watch out for new traffic scheme in BF Homes Paranaque image

For motorists entering BF Homes from Sucat, President's Ave. will now be two-way up to Elizalde St. All vehicles coming from President's Ave. going to BF Homes and commercial areas must then turn right at Elizalde Ave. Meanwhile, Elizalde Ave. starting from Caltex/BDO will be one-way going towards the Elizalde Gate. Vehicles with valid BFFHAI Non-Resident stickers coming from Sucat will have to turn left on Elsie Gatches St. from Elizalde St. then turn right on Aguirre Ave. and pass through Aguirre Gate. Meanwhile, vehicles without a BFFHAI sticker must turn left on L. Avelino St. then turn right at Aguirre Ave. towards Aguirre Gate.

For those exiting BF Homes, residents going to Sucat and exiting from Elizalde Gate must turn right at J. Cabarrus St. and turn left at President's Ave. and continue on towards their destination. Meanwhile, all other vehicles exiting BF Homes coming from Aguirre Ave. heading towards Sucat will then turn left at President's Ave. President's Ave. starting from Tropical Hut will be made one-way heading towards Elizalde St. (Caltex).

Watch out for new traffic scheme in BF Homes Paranaque image

Sounds complicated? Well, you can check out the map above released by the barangay to help you get around.

According to a memo released by Barangay BF Homes, all traffic going to Sucat will be rerouted to President's Ave. in order to avoid congestion at the corner of Elizalde St. and President's Ave. Furthermore, a sstop-and-go traffic scheme will be implemented during rush hours. New directional signs have been put up to make it easier for motorists to traverse the area.

Trial run of the new traffic scheme inside BF Homes Paranque starts today, February 24, 2020. Full implementation will begin on February 26.