It was around four years ago when we first saw Aston Martin's vision for a luxury crossover. Then, about a few months ago, Aston Martin revealed the first images of the DBX in prototype form wearing a green camouflage. Looking a lot like a Vantage on stilts, the first-ever crossover from the Gaydon-based manufacturer is looking promising.

Now, the luxury marque has once again released new photos of the DBX only this time it's out playing in the snow. After driving through a Welsh rally stage last November 2018, Aston Martin has brought the DBX over to Pirelli's R&D Sottozero Center at the Flurheden Proving Grounds in Sweden for a snow-filled shakedown.

Watch the Aston Martin DBX kick up some snow in Swedish shakedown image

Matt Becker, Aston Martin Chief Engineer, stated that the DBX is currently being driven along snowy roads, as well as on ice handling courses in order to fully test the car's handling dynamics. Not only that, the wintry conditions are perfect to see how the DBX will handle the cold climate.

“The Aston Martin DBX needs to be ready for a wide range of multi-terrain surfaces, so in addition to testing the car in normal day-to-day situations, we need to test it in extreme conditions such as these. Testing these prototypes in cold climate conditions helps us to assess the car’s early dynamics and crucially ensure confidence inspiring sure-footedness on low grip surfaces,” added Becker.

Watch the Aston Martin DBX kick up some snow in Swedish shakedown image

The company has yet to state what powers the DBX. More than likely, the DBX could have a twin-turbo V8 derived from the Vantage. With it, expect the DBX to produce upwards of 500 PS or more along with over 600 Nm of torque. An eight-speed automatic could also be the likeliest of transmission options for the upcoming DBX.

The Aston Martin DBX will go into prototype build at St. Athan, Wales around mid-2019 before the company commences full production of the crossover in 2020.