We all know what you're thinking: “That can't be the same car, it's impossible.”

Others might say that "That damage is permanent and irreparable"

But as much as it looks too good to be true, this team of mechanics was able to (magically) repair what was once meant for the scrap heap, into a working car once again. But how were they able to pull off what was seemingly impossible?

Well, as much as this car looks badly damaged, the car's mechanicals is actually intact. The only real damage the car suffered is physical – the doors, rear quarter fender, the body panels, as well as parts of the roof. With it, the mechanics have their work cut out for them.

Using a systematic approach, the mechanics pulled and hammered out the dents, repaired the roof panels, before finally removing the damaged body panel. With those parts out of the way, the mechanics then started to install the new wheel covers and body panels for the X-Trail.

They meticulously aligned each panel before welding and putting on the screws. They even applied anti-rust paint, fixed the panel gaps, welded everything that needed to be welded, and closed the seams. With body repair done, all that was needed to finish the job was to spray the primer and factory paint. As an added touch, the mechanics also polished and waxed the newly-installed panels.

Even before the customer arrives to pick up the car, the shop also had it washed and detailed so that the customer can see their car in a very pristine state.

In total, the mechanics only took about six days to finish the repair. Yes, you read that right, it only took less than a week to actually finish repairing the X-Trail.

What did the customer have to say for her restored X-Trail? According to the shop, the owner was very satisfied with the job. In fact, the owner plans to keep the car instead of selling it.

The repair may have been top-notch, but we're not entirely sure if the car can take another beating like that as some insurance companies might have already 'written off' this particular X-Trail.