We’ve all seen Youtubers drop test the latest phones and gadgets just to see how tough they really are. Interestingly, it seems Volvo is now doing the same with their cars. The Swedish automaker has recently released a video of them drop testing vehicles from 30 meters up in the air by a crane. However, they’re not doing this just to rack up millions of views on YouTube. Instead, it’s all in the name of safety.

Volvo decided to drop 10 new vehicles from a crane to simulate the most extreme of crashes. According to the automaker, the drop test is a good way to see how vehicles crumble in the worst crashes possible such as when a car hits a semi-truck at high speed, takes a severe impact on its side, or falls off a cliff at high speed. The data will then help them develop safer cars in the future. Volvo didn’t go into detail about how the vehicles performed, but the photos and video should speak for itself.

Watch Volvo drop test its cars in the name of safety image

Due to the extreme nature of the crash, the occupants are more likely to be critically injured. As such, Volvo held these tests together with Swedish rescue services. These accidents often require the use of extraction tools and specialists to rescue the victims and get them to a hospital as fast as possible, possibly within one hour after the accident.

Volvo says the test helps rescue workers update their familiarity with newer car models and review their processes “in order to develop new extrication techniques”. Often, emergency services get their training vehicles from scrapyards. However, these cars are often up to two decades old and aren’t representative of newer cars with modern structures.

Watch Volvo drop test its cars in the name of safety image

All of the findings from the drop tests and extraction will be compiled in a report. These will then be made free to access for rescue workers everywhere around the world. Thanks, Volvo.