Frequent users of Waze rejoice as the navigation app can now be accessed on Android Auto. With it, developers of the popular app said that it can now be controlled via a car's touchscreen, steering wheel controls or console-mounted buttons.

It works by simply connecting an Android phone to the USB port of a car that supports Anrdoid Auto. Compared to the smart phone's display, the one displayed on a car's touchscreen is far less cluttered and does not come with ads. Also, it has a larger map that can display bigger notifications and alerts.

Waze now accessible on Android Auto in latest update

It can also receive visual and audio alerts to keep the driver informed of what's ahead. Moreover, one can also use voice command by saying “OK, Google” which readies the app to input your destination/s. One can also personalize their Waze experience from your phone on the bigger touchscreen.

There is no word yet if Waze will introduce an update for the Apple CarPlay version.