The Philippines ranks poorly in Driver Satisfaction according the recent Driver Satisfaction Survey results released by crowd-sourced navigation app, Waze.

Waze evaluated the driving experience of 50 million users in 32 countries and 167 metro areas to create the world’s first Driver Satisfaction Index.

Global Driver Satisfaction Survey

Waze asked users to evaluate driver satisfaction in their country and city on six key factors: traffic level by frequency and severity of traffic jams, road quality and infrastructure, driver safety based on accidents, road hazards and weather, driver services like access to gas stations and easy parking, socio-economic factors (based on information from the World Bank) including access to cars and impact of gas prices, and “Wazeyness,” or the level of helpfulness and happiness within the Waze community. To each factor, they assigned a single numerical score, ranging from satisfying (10) to miserable (1).

Filipinos voiced their disappointment for traffic, resulting in the country and Manila, specifically, securing the very bottom place in terms of traffic and socio-economic index. Manila also has the unique distinction of having the longest commute time in the world at 45.5 minutes, with Jakarta at 42.1 minutes being the next closest contender.

Satisfaction index

The Philippines also placed close to the bottom percentile in the driver satisfaction, road quality and 'Wazeyness' indices. On the other hand, the country ranked 4th highest in the safety index and 1st place in the driver services index. Waze did not specify why, though it is most likely due to the country's large number of gas stations and their close proximity to each other.

Not surprisingly, the bicycle-friendly Netherlands consistently ranked favorably in the indices, taking the top spots in driver satisfaction and traffic. Its capital, Amsterdam, boasts of the shortest commute time of just 37.5 minutes.

Other countries like the United States, Sweden and Spain also ranked highly in many of the factors.

Just as unsatisfied as Filipinos were residents from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Venezuela.

Metro ScoreCards

Overall, cities like Stockholm, Sweden; Bordeaux, France; and Barcelona, Spain received the highest scores. On the other end of the spectrum were cities like London, United Kingdom; Jakarta, Indonesia; with Manila at the very bottom.

The summary and links to more detailed results can be viewed here.