At the height of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act's enforcement, Waze announced that they will be launching a Filipino voice navigation, catering to local needs. The localized voice navigation will not only dicate road directions in Filipino but even receive voice commands. Upon checking the Waze app, it seems as though the update to feature Filipino voice navigation and commands has finally arrived.

Waze users can now select the Filipino voice directions by going to settings, tapping on 'Voice Directions' and simply scrolling down until you find 'Filipino – Adora'. The Filipino version also allows for users to use voice command by speaking in Filipino. However like previously tested, the Filipno voice command function seems to only recognize the word 'bahay' at the moment. Attempting to ask directions elsewhere would only lead to the voice command closing.

Unlike other voice directions available in Waze, the Filipino setting pronounces the road names properly. Those who will be using the Filipino setting should note that even the distance announced in straight Filipino. This could make it a bit more diffcult for those who are not as experienced in speaking or hearing the language.