Just a few days ago, the 2019 BMW 3 Series made its local debut. Surprisingly, it had a 2.0-liter turbo gas engine in the form of the 330i, instead of the usual turbodiesel. But as we welcome the seventh-generation 3 Series in the country, BMW has expanded the model range in Europe.

For those wanting a more practical 3 Series, BMW has unveiled the Touring model. In non-Bimmer speak, that's the 3 Series station wagon. While it is expected that the 3 Series Touring shares the same front end looks as the sedan, the business end is at the back.


From the middle to the back, the 3 Series Touring appears totally different from the sedan, and not just the four-door with extra metal tacked on the back. That being said, it's much like the past touring models in execution. The rear doors, for instance, are more upright than the sedan, and the rear quarter panel has been reshaped.

Then there's the back end which they've managed to adapt the sedan's tail lights to the wagon. There's also the rakish rear window which has always been a characteristic of the 3 Series Touring. The rear bumper on the other hand is slightly different from the sedan in order to have a bigger opening for the tailgate.


Inside, the dash and door panels are, again, lifted from the sedan. There's a more airy vibe to the rear quarters though, thanks to the taller windows. All the tech seen in the four-door are also available in the Touring. As it is a wagon, split-folding seats are standard. Available in the 3 Series Touring are options for added versatility in the cargo bay such as a divider and anti-slip rails to prevent items tumbling around in the back.


And speaking of the cargo area, the capacity is slightly bigger than before. The Touring can hold 500 liters of gear with the second row seats in place, which is 5 liters more than last year. Tuck the second row backrests and that capacity jumps to 1,510 liters. For added convenience, BMW has installed buttons in the cargo area to fold away the second row.

On to the engines, there are six options to choose from with an even split of gas and diesels. The gas range starts with the 320i making 184 PS, followed by the 330i making 265 PS. The lone six-cylinder gas engine is found in the M340i, producing 374 PS. Moving to the diesels, the 318d serves as the base putting out 150 PS. Up next, there's the 320d and that one makes 190 PS. The most powerful diesel option is the six-cylinder 330d with an output of 265 PS. The 318d and 320d is available with a six-speed manual while the rest come with an eight-speed automatic. xDrive all-wheel drive is an option for the 320d, 330i, 330d, and M340i.

Unfortunately, the possibility of the 3 Series Touring making it to the Philippines is slim. The last wagons officially sold by BMW Philippines was the 525d about a decade ago in limited numbers. Then again, it wouldn't have to hurt to have one BMW wagon in the local showrooms, right?