Hinged on Volvo's core values of Safety, Quality and Environment, our mission is to always build cars for a better life a unique offer in the premium segment that sets us apart from our competitors. All of our cars are designed to be premium in design, build, fit and finish. They are safe. They are engineered in a way that considers humans and the environment around them. We create the best solutions for traveling together. We consider design as collaboration between styling and engineering and that this creates premium cars with a sophisticated content.


'We' is an important word for us at Volvo. The way we work together is key to our success. Our cars are the result of each and every one of us collaborating towards our shared goals.


Design is more than just aesthetics. It is an alliance between styling and engineering. These disciplines work together to create beautiful premium cars with a sophisticated content. And our Swedish heritage means our designs are inspired by our relationship with nature.


We are passionate about making great cars. They are premium in look and feel. They are safe. They are engineered in a way that considers humans and the environment around them. We create the best solutions for traveling together.

Better life

We are optimistic about the future and work hard to make it a brighter place for our customers. We want to care for the environment our customers live in, and we want them to feel even safer. Our driving dynamics create a ride that everyone in the car can enjoy. And the way we take care of our customers makes them feel that they've made the right choice. They have chosen a car company that makes a difference.

"We design cars for a better life."

This is Volvo's promise. A unique offer that sets us apart from our competitors. Our answer to our clients' desire for a premium car.

The way we make people feel is as important as the way our cars are made. Our customers care about emotions as well as products. Our cars are a way for our customers to reward themselves. This means they expect a premium quality product and they want to be treated to a higher level of personal service. They make a statement to the world, " I choose Volvo. I am a Volvo person and I am proud of it." That is why in everything we do from the reports we write, to the meetings we run, to the cars we build or design we make everything we touch premium.

The Volvo Range

Over time, our products have evolved to a wider range of cars that cater to different people with different lifestyles. Volvo will never be all things to all people, so there is a specific Volvo created for a specific set of people.

The V-Range speaks for versatility, family and leisure. Through the years, we have consistently delivered practical, versatile, and robust family cars that include the innovative V50 Sportswagon and All-New Volvo V70. The XC-Range that includes the All-New Volvo XC70 and XC90 is a range of modern, adventurous cars with iconic body styles. The S-Range is a stylish and elegant interpretation of the classic sedan. This range includes the Volvo S40, S60 and S80 premium sedans. The C-Range includes coupes and convertibles the kind of cars you fall in love with. C is all about desire, excitement and desire. This indulgent and rewarding range includes the All-New Volvo C70 and the C30 Sports Coupé.

Safety is a beautiful thing.

Volvo cars offer a premium experience that everyone can enjoy. We have always been recognized for durability, but premium quality goes beyond that and concerns everything we do. Our credibility as a safety leader is directly connected to our level of quality. This commitment goes far beyond crash tests and ratings, however. It is a genuine care for people, their lives and wellbeing that keep Volvo to add to the list of life-saving innovations and share them to the world. The invention that has saved most lives ever, the three-point safety belt, we believed was so important to the world that we let the patent free. That's why today, you find a little bit of Volvo in every car.

Through the years, we have built design to be one of our strong assets. In this area, we have a unique approach: to design cars around people and the environment they drive in. We believe that form and function work together and we also believe in the power of beauty. Our designs are inspired by nature. The clear defined seasons of Scandinavia inspire our approach to color and light. And the demands of our environment make our cars robust and versatile. Design can reinforce the feeling of being safe and secure. It can also make your environmental choice beautiful and visible.

Our planet has limitations our brains do not.

Being premium means being environmentally responsible. We made environmental care a core value back then and we've stayed true to this commitment ever since. Volvo's environmental innovations will drive desire and awareness that is why we are working towards solutions that delivers what is best for the environment not what is best for a test. We challenge ourselves and continue to innovate and go beyond legislation and minimum requirements.

All these encompass the values that we carry in order to fulfill our promise in 2008 and in the years to come. As we roll on, we are positive that with the Volvo philosophies at the heart of everything that we do, we will continue to deliver cars that are designed not just to protect but celebrate life.