Ex-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn's escape from Japanese authority sounds like a story that's fit for the silver screen. There's drama, stealth, a dramatic extraction, and even a Green Beret, which are all good ingredients for a thriller. Ghosn himself probably thought of that too and, recently, even contacted a well established Hollywood agent to get things started.

With that, we got thinking: What should be the title of the Carlos Ghosn movie or TV series? Well, we have a few suggestions.

We have a few suggestions for the Carlos Ghosn movie image

We can't help but have fun with puns when it comes to the movie title. At the top of our heads, we've got: Ghosn in 60 Seconds, Ghosn With the Wind, Ghosn baby Ghosn, and Going, Going, Ghosn.

Bad puns, right? But we can try a few more like Who framed Carlos Ghosn? or just Carlos. Of course, we also played around with some Nissan names too. There's Juked, The Cube, Gone Rogue, and Final Frontier. Other suggestions? How about A Plane, a Train, and Automobiles, Red Notice, Escape to Lebanon.

We have a few suggestions for the Carlos Ghosn movie image

Now you're probably asking who could portray Carlos Ghosn? As a dead ringer for the fugitive executive, there's no one else we can think of other than Mr. Bean himself, Rowan Atkinson. Of course, it'll be a little bit weird seeing Atkinson star in an action movie like this, but we can't deny that there's a striking visual similarity to the ousted CEO.

We have a few suggestions for the Carlos Ghosn movie image

Of course, there are other characters in this plot. There's Greg Kelly, who was convicted alongside Ghosn. Another major character here is Hiroto Saikawa, the man who replaced Ghosn and subsequently resigned from his post. Then there's Junichiro Hironaka, who served as Ghosn's lawyer, and last but not least is Michael Taylor, the ex-Green Beret who was the brains behind the embattled former CEO's escape from Japan.

That said, the movie or mini-series could be a documentary with Ghosn starring, well, himself.

So how would you title the Carlos Ghosn movie? And who would you cast as the major players in the whole escape plot? We'd like you to be screenwriters and casting directors for a day and get those creative juices flowing.