High-riding MPVs seem to be the rage these days. Cars like the Honda BR-V, Mitsubishi Xpander, and Toyota Rush have been raking up sales for their respective manufacturers. Now, Suzuki is dead serious into getting a piece of the action.

Remember when we asked Keiichi Suzuki, Suzuki Philippines general manager for automobiles, if they were planning a vehicle to fight the ones mentioned above? Well, it looks like this is it.

Dubbed the XL6, it follows a familiar formula: Take an MPV, jack up the ride height, and give it slightly more unique styling. Spied in India, it looks like it won't be long until it makes its debut as it wears almost no camouflage at all. We're expecting it to be fully revealed before the year ends.

From what we can see, the Suzuki made an effort to differentiate the XL6 from the standard Ertiga. For starters, the front end is completely different. The headlights, for instance, are larger and has a much different shape. Also, the grill has been made bigger and sports a different hexagonal design. Last but not least are the front bumpers, which have a totally different shape and comes with faux skid plates along with unique fog light housings.


Other things observed? It seems to be taller than the Ertiga, plus it has a pair of roof rails which its lower-riding counterpart doesn't. There's matte silver accents on the side of the tall MPV as well. At the rear, there's more cladding and another faux skid plate. The front aside, the XL6's body is largely carried over the Ertiga.

No specs yet but we're likely to see the same engine options from the Ertiga. There's the 1.5-liter mill seen in the local versions, as well as a turbodiesel which is offered in India.

What are the odds of the XL6 being offered here? Last time we spoke to Suzuki, the outlook appeared good, which increases the chances of this car being sold in the ASEAN region. Should it be spotted in Indonesia, there's an even greater possibility of seeing it in our showrooms.

Source: GaadiWaadi.com