It was only a couple of weeks ago when Toyota unveiled the refreshed CH-R for the 2020 model year update. Looking meaner and sportier than ever, the funky-looking crossover gets an upgrade not just in appearance, but also in its chassis, as well as in its powertrain thanks to an overhauled suspension and more powerful hybrid option.

But what if you preferred the CH-R with an even cooler look? Say no more as Gazoo Racing (GR) recently released a tricked-out version of the crossover. Called the CH-R GR Sport, it has received a plethora of exterior, interior and chassis upgrades that enhances its overall appearance and performance.

Toyota CH-R GR Sport image

Beginning with the most obvious, it gets new stylish front and rear bumpers, as well as huge 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 225/45/R19 tires. It also packs a unique quad exhaust system which further heightens the CH-R more menacing design. Topping the exterior updates are the blacked-out side skirts, and new roof-mounted wing.

Inside, body-hugging front seats replace the factory units while a smaller GR leather-wrapped steering wheel make their way onto the CH-R. In addition, aluminum pedals, new metallic dark silver trim pieces, and a GR-branded engine start/stop button, make for a sportier-looking cabin.

Toyota CH-R GR Sport image

Aside from giving the 2020 CH-R a makeover inside and out, Gazoo Racing also installed a new center brace in its chassis. This was done in order to improved body rigidity. Finally, they also tweaked the crossover's suspension, coil springs, dampers, stabilizers, as well as its steering for a more precise handling.

No changes were made under the hood, however. This means the CH-R GR Sport can be specified with a 1.2-liter turbocharged inline-four or the more frugal 1.8-liter hybrid. Sadly the new 2.0-liter hybrid is not available for the new CH-R GR Sport.

Toyota CH-R GR Sport image

Looking to get one for yourself? Sadly these are only available in Japan, with prices starting at JPY 2,732,000 (about Php 1.289 million) for the 1.2-liter turbo model. The 1.8-liter hybrid, on the other hand, retails at JPY 3,095,000 (about Php 1.460 million).

With Toyota having no plans to release the CH-R in the country, we can only imagine how the CH-R GR Sport would look on Philippine roads.

At least we'll see it in Tokyo in a few days.