When it comes to good looking cars, Skoda is probably the manufacturers that isn't usually at the top. But the European automaker’s upcoming electric SUV (and other recent designs) is certainly changing that.

Called the Enyaq iV, this new Skoda will be making its global debut this coming September 1, and it makes us wish Skoda existed in our market.

At the moment, however, Skoda has only given us an early preview of the SUV in the form of two sketches (front and rear). But clearly, it does look good. It’s not your typical Skoda which would blend right in at any European city. Upfront, the Enyaq iV has a very futuristic fascia with large air intakes and a large “blocked-off” grille (since EVs generally don't need as much cooling) flanked by sleek LED headlights. The rear has equally matched aggressive design with slim taillights and a diffuser integrated to the bumper.

Skoda’s upcoming all-electric SUV sure looks good image

The Enyaq iV would be the Skoda’s first all-electric SUV and uses the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform. No specifics details about the powertrain have been announced just yet. However, they did say that the batteries of the MEB are installed on the vehicle floor. More so, the “individual components of the electric drive take up less space than a conventional internal combustion engine, allowing for shorter overhangs at the front and rear”. 

Apart from being the brand’s first electric SUV, the Enyaq iV will also set the standard for design with Skoda’s upcoming crossover models. So, expect the brand’s future crossovers to look a lot more stylish and less plain.

Unfortunately, Skoda is not being sold locally in the Philippines. But assuming they were, would you pick up the Enyaq iV?