If there is one model that stood out at GAC's display during the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, it's the Enpulse concept.

As you can see from the photos, it is a sportscar. Not just any sports car for that matter. It is an all-electric roadster. From what we know, this would be the brand's first-ever sportscar (even in concept) as previous GAC models have either been crossovers, sedans, or even minivans. Unfortunately, there were not a lot of details revealed about the concept apart from the design.

GAC is building an electric sportscar with Enpulse concept image

On the topic of styling, the Enpulse looks good and overall has a futuristic styling. It has slim headlights up front paired with an aggressive-looking front bumper. Since it is an EV, there doesn't appear to be any openings too. The side features 5-spoke wheels matched with simple body lines. Unfortunately, no photos of the rear were provided. Though a bit hard to tell, the GAC logo on the hood does seem different too.

Interestingly, the automaker says the Enpulse is a “hardtop convertible”. As such, it won't come with a fabric roof and instead will feature a metal roof similar to the cars like the Mazda MX-5 RF. Other details we noticed were purple seatbelts. According to GAC, a heads up display with “gaming mode” gives users the experience of driving the vehicle like a video game.

GAC is building an electric sportscar with Enpulse concept image

GAC did not disclose powertrain details about the Enpulse concept. For the time being, all we know is that it will be fully electric. Given its futuristic styling of a roadster, we hope the automaker gives the Enpulse power to match its look.

There is no word just yet as to when the production model Enpulse may debut (if it does enter production). Assuming it does, we hope GAC Motor Philippines would bring it in to add to their already vast lineup