The widebody trend doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it seems like some manufacturers have already started joining the trend as well. 

Dodge recently revealed a widebody Charger sedan at the 2019 SoCal LX Spring Fest in the U.S., a festival all about the older LX-chassis Mopars. The automaker officially calls it the Charger Widebody Concept. Despite being a 'concept', however, it does look production ready. With that in mind, it is very likely we will see a production model widebody Charger very soon.

This wide body Charger is built by Dodge themselves image

The automaker provided only one photo showing the muscle car's front end on Twitter. Meanwhile, Mark Trostle, head of design for Dodge and SRT, shared a few snaps of the Charger Widebody's front end and front three-quarters on an Instagram post. Aside from the photos, no details were revealed about the body kit just yet.

From the photos,  the Charger Widebody is seen wearing a 'camouflage livery' typically found on prototype vehicles. The wide fender flares are styled similarly to the widebody Challengers. Meanwhile, the front bumper has been changed and now features larger air intakes, giving the Charger an even more aggressive look. New wheels have also been fitted in order to fill the wider fenders.

This wide body Charger is built by Dodge themselves image

There is no word whether the engine of the Charger Widebody concept has been modified or not. That said, it is possible that a more powerful 'Hellcat Red Eye' version might be introduced together with the production model Charger Widebody.

With everything still up in the air, we will just have to wait and see what Dodge has in store for the Charger. One thing we can say though is that the Charger Widebody, even as a concept, looks menacing as it is.