If there’s one car we wish Toyota Motor Philippines would bring in, it’s the GR Yaris hot hatchback. At the moment, there is no word whether or not the rally-bred hot hatchback will officially be making its way to the country. One of our neighbors in the ASEAN region, however, is set to get their hands on it real soon.

Specifically, Toyota Thailand is now accepting pre-orders for the GR Yaris. And no, it’s not the all-show, no go 120-HP, non-AWD variant either. It’s the proper hot hatch with the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine, 6-speed manual, and all-wheel-drive.

Why are we excited that the GR Yaris is going on sale in Thailand? Because most of the vehicles that go on sale in The Land of Smiles often end up on sale in the Philippines as well. Toyota is also pushing the Gazoo Racing brand in the region; remember the spy photos of Vios GR Sport? While it’s certainly not 100% confirmed, it is a good sign that the GR Yaris could go on sale in other countries in the ASEAN region.

Assuming it does arrive in the Philippines, how much could the GR Yaris cost? In Thailand, our friends over at Headlightmag say that the hot hatch will retail for 2.69 million baht or roughly PHP 4.3 million when converted. The price already includes training at a racing school by Toyota Gazoo Racing. Still, it is expensive, but the GR Yaris could be cheaper if it arrives in the Philippines. For comparison, their GR Supra is priced at 5.2 million baht or PHP 8.3 million while it retails for PHP 5 million locally.

Do you want Toyota Motor Philippines to bring in the GR Yaris? We certainly do.