Let’s be honest. We’ve all done some online shopping these past few months as the country is still under community quarantine and the threat of COVID-19 is still out there. It’s safer and a lot more convenient since you can do it from the comfort of your home. But one of the biggest deal-breakers when it comes to online shopping is the shipping price.

We wanted to buy McLaren’s reusable facemask but…. image

If you happen to be ordering items within the Philippines, then it shouldn’t that much of a problem. But imagine if the item you ordered came from the US, Europe, or any other country for that matter. Take for example the McLaren Formula 1 team’s 'We Race As One Team' U-Mask. The reusable facemask itself is a bit pricey at EUR 36.84 (Php 2,120) apiece. But what really put us off from buying it was the shipping price.

In order to ship the U-Mask to the Philippines, it will cost around EUR 60 or roughly PhP 3,450. Yes, the shipping alone is more expensive than the mask. This also brings the total to around Php 5,500 for a single facemask. We’re sure some of you can justify spending Php 5,500 for a single facemask because it's the same one used by McLaren Formula 1 drivers. But the fact of the matter is that it is still expensive.

We wanted to buy McLaren’s reusable facemask but…. image

Aside from the huge shipping cost, there is another reason why we didn’t order a mask from the McLaren store. If you happen to visit the website today, the U-Mask is already sold out. You will have to pre-order and wait until the store restocks.

If you really want one, there are some resellers in the Philippines that are already selling the mask for less than the Php 5,500 that would cost you to ship it here. You’ll just have to look around and make sure they aren’t counterfeit. Another suggestion we can think of is to have a relative living in Europe ship it here for you via balikbayan box. You just need to wait for the new stocks to arrive though.

We wanted to buy McLaren’s reusable facemask but… image

So, would you be willing to shell out over PhP 5,000 for a face mask from McLaren? If not, you can always buy an AutoIndustriya facemask for a fraction of the price instead. Our facemasks only cost Php 200. Even if you include shipping via courier it still won't be more than an additional Php 200.