Last month, Lexus revealed a teaser image of an all-new concept car that is set to preview the future design language of the brand. From the lone teaser photo they released in February, the concept features a very different design compared to what Lexus currently offers.

The Japanese luxury automaker has revealed more details and images of the upcoming concept. This time around we get to see the concept's side profile, as well as a glimpse of the vehicle's front and rear ends.

We will see Lexus

The vehicle appears to have a coupe-like design. With its sloping roofline and relatively long hood, the concept car looks sleek and futuristic. Also worth mentioning is its height and ground clearance. From the looks of it, this particular concept appears to have crossover elements as well.

At the front, it features the brand's signature L-shaped daytime running lights and Spindle Grille. It also has what looks to be an illuminated 'L' badge, and an all-black Spindle as well. Lastly, we were also able to catch a new glimpse of its rear end which features wraparound LED taillights.

We will see Lexus

The exact details about the car remain a mystery. However, the automaker claims that the "concept will symbolize the next-generation of Lexus". With Lexus previously mentioning that they will be launching the first model under their new vision within this year, this concept could be a preview of things to come.

There are still more questions surrounding Lexus' new concept. But with the company set to reveal it on March 30 along with details about its brand transformation, we will not have to wait long.