Toyota Vios looks good in Nebula Blue Metallic and Orange Metallic

If there's one thing that's great with the Vios (apart from the fact that it's the most popular sedan in the country) is the sheer amount of variants available. From the entry-level 1.3 Base to the top-spec 1.5 G CVT, there's a Vios for everyone.

Equally impressive with the Vios is its wide array of colors. There are a total of 9 shades available: Alumina Jade Metallic, Black, Blackish Red Mica, Grayish Blue Metallic, Red Mica Metallic, Super Red V, Silver Metallic, Super White II, and White Pearl Crystal Shine (which is an extra PHP 15,000).

Nebula Blue Metallic looks good on the Toyota Vios image

But while the available colors are great, there is a certain lack of brightly-colored finishes. Sure there are various shades of red, but we think Toyota could offer more. Over in Malaysia, the Vios received two new hues that we wish were available here.

First up is the Nebula Blue Metallic suits the sedan very well. Compared to the Grayish Blue Metallic, the brighter shade of Nebule Blue gives the Vios a sportier appearance. If this color sounds familiar, that's because it's already available on the Hilux. Unfortunately, the local-spec Vios is not yet available with the said color.

Nebula Blue Metallic looks good on the Toyota Vios image

Another color that we wish the Vios came with is Orange Metallic. The last time the Vios was available in this type of color was from the pre-facelift model years ago. We're not sure why Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) decided to do away with this shade for the Vios, but we're hoping it will be offered again in the future.

Should TMP make Nebula Blue Metallic and Orange Metallic available for the local Vios? Chime in your comments below and let Toyota know that these colors look great on their popular sedan.