It won’t be long now until we see the all-new Mk VIII Golf make its global debut soon after Volkswagen announced that it will be revealed this coming October 24, 2019 in Wolfsburg. In order to whet the appetite of the motoring public, the automaker released a teaser image of the next-gen hatchback albeit wearing camouflage.

Now, the company has released yet another new set of teasers showing the exterior, as well as the interior of the upcoming Golf. Based on the design sketches, the overall shape of the hatchback appears to have been made sleeker and more aerodynamic. However, it looks like the new Golf will have a more defined beltline and what could be a pillar-less side window profile.

We wish Volkswagen will sell the stylish 2020 Golf in PH image

But what might be the most dramatic redesign on the all-new golf is its front fascia. A neat pair of eye-catching headlights, a slim front grill, as well as a more unified front bumper design make their way on the eighth-generation Golf. According to Volkswagen, this gives the five-door a more dynamic look while still retaining the recognizable looks of previous Golfs. In fact, the new face of the Golf appears similar to the Arteon midsize sedan.

Besides showing the Golf’s new stylish appearance, Volkswagen also showed the digital cabin of the next-generation hatchback. Looking at the initial sketch of the Golf’s interior, it now comes with a pair of digital displays at the front which make up the instrument panel and the touchscreen infotainment system.

We wish Volkswagen will sell the stylish 2020 Golf in PH image

Also curious to see inside the Golf is the lack of physical buttons, knobs and switches. This could mean that Volkswagen has opted to incorporate every control onto the center-mounted display. A new wraparound dashboard, as well as new-style aircon vents further give the hatchback its sleek new look.

Thinking of getting one here in the Philippines once it’s out in Europe. Sadly there is a low chance of it being offered here as Volkswagen Philippines currently sources all of their units from SAIC-Volkswagen in China. Maybe it will be available as a special indent order should there be enough clamor to bring it here.