When talking about crate engines, most people associate them with big bulky V8 motors from GM or Ford. However, crate motors come in different shapes and sizes. Honda is now offering a crate motor with only half the cylinders of its V8 counterparts. Despite that, the engine can still produce 300 plus horsepower and more.

What car will you put this Honda Civic Type R engine? image

The crate engine in question is the K20C1 from the current-generation Honda Civic Type R. The four-cylinder turbocharged mill will be distributed by Honda Performance Development (HPD) through its newly established official dealers in the US. Yes, the crate engines are available only in the US, and availability is limited. So if you know someone there, better order one soon.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Honda has offered a K20C1 crate motor. In previous years, the Type R motor was already available. However, it was exclusively available to Honda Racing Line members and race teams. Now, any driver can order a K20C1 crate engine package from HPD. They can even specify what vehicle the engine will be used for seamless and more reliable swaps.

“We at HPD are proud to offer Honda power in an affordable and versatile package. Our K20C1 engines have won many races in club and professional series and is now available for a wide range of applications. The new limited-edition crate engine package is part of HPD’s strategy to leverage our pinnacle expertise for the benefit of Honda fans of all ages and motorsports categories”, John Whiteman, Manager, HPD Commercial Motorsports.

What car will you put this Honda Civic Type R engine? image

Each crate engine will come with an engine long block, alternator, turbocharger, and starter motor. Included within the Controls Package will be an HPD-developed ECU, engine swap harness, and accelerator pedal. The ECU will also come pre-programmed for convenient installation in a wide range of vehicles.

HPD’s K20C1 crate engine will be available starting May 1, 2021. No price was announced, but it will be cheaper than an LS or Coyote V8. Once launched, we won’t be surprised to see more K20C1 swapped Civic EKs and EGs in the US. The question now is this, will someone from the Philippines build one? If you’re reading this and waiting for a sign to do it on your project car, this is it.