How insane do you want your project car to be? If you said ludicrous, then the folks at Dodge have something for you. It's a new crate engine, and it lets you give Hellcat power to anything you want.

Dubbed the Hellcrate, it pushes out over 800 HP from its supercharged HEMI V8. After first making it available on the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye, the guys over at Mopar recently launched a new crate motor that can power your project cars or classic restomods.

The supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 assembly comes with a throttle body, fuel injectors, coil packs, water pump, front sump oil, and a flexplate. Also, the engine gets a lot of upgrades that aren't present on a standard Hellcrate V8. 

Also included in the kit is a bigger 2.7-liter supercharger (standard is 2.4L), which gets increased boost pressure of 14.5 psi versus 11.6 psi. There's also forged alloy steel crankshaft, forged high-strength alloy pistons, and powder-forged connecting rods to prevent it from blowing up. Other upgrades include a revised valve spring design, better oiling for valve springs, and rocker tips for better lubrication, and a higher 6,500 rpm limit.

The result is an engine that generates 807 PS and 972 Nm of torque. All of that power is sent to an eight-speed Torqueflite automatic transmission that drives the rear wheels. For those that prefer a manual gearbox, Mopar is also offering the following parts for builders that want a stick-shift version. These include a flywheel, flywheel to crankshaft bolts, clutch and pressure plate assembly, and clutch to flywheel bolts.

Interested in getting a Hellcrate for yourself? Prepare to set aside a large amount of cash as the Hellcrate Redeye V8 crate engine currently has a sticker price of $21,807 (or over PhP 1.050 million). It's not exactly cheap, but if you want your project car to go (very) fast and loud, then the Hellcrate V8 is the motor for you.

And in case 800 PS is not enough, Mopar is also offering the more powerful 'Hellephant' that doles out 1,000 PS and 1,300 Nm of torque.