This week is going to be very busy for Nissan. They're just about ready to launch the new-look Terra on the 25th, which is an event we're all looking forward to seeing. But right before that, they will also launch another car on the 24th. What will it be?

Nissan didn't release any teasers or preview photos for the upcoming launch, so it's a bit of a surprise too. So far, the only clue here is that it's a compact car.

Looking at the current line-up, most received redesigns in the last two years. These models are the Almera and the Sylphy, which still uses the Sentra name in other markets. However, there was a model that leaked a few days ago, and it will likely be the one launching tomorrow. That model is the next-generation Note.

Nissan Note

Perhaps Nissan tried to throw off some speculations by calling it a compact car in their release. The Note is actually a subcompact hatchback that's up against the likes of the Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris. If it will be the Note, it's about time it received a full redesign. The current generation model debuted way back in 2012, making it ripe for an overhaul.

Another possible car for tomorrow's launch is the next-generation Sylphy. Yes, it's been around since April 2019, but it hasn't been released in Japan yet. They might launch the Japan-spec Almera over there, too, although the market for subcompact sedans in Japan is rather slim. Then again, it might be another Kei-Car that's exclusive to Nissan's home market.

So for now, we'll have to wait for whatever it is Nissan's launching tomorrow. To watch its premiere, head on to the Nissan Youtube channel and see the launch at 11:00 AM PH time.