The concrete barriers dividing the EDSA busway have been a hot topic for quite some time now. Some motorists have deemed it unsafe due to the number of accidents it has caused since implemented, whether by private vehicles or speeding buses. Meanwhile, government agencies such as the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) blame drivers as the cause of the accidents.

Now, it seems motorists on EDSA will have something new to look out for – steel bollards. If you ever passed through EDSA over the weekend, then you may have seen them being installed near the Shaw Boulevard area. According to the MMDA, around 6,000 units of the bollards will be installed on EDSA on both the underpasses and flyovers.

Unlike the concrete barriers, the steel bollards take up less space and are more visible to motorists, even at night. More importantly, they won’t fly off into another lane should a vehicle crash into it, making it theoretically safer. Once the bollards are fully installed along EDSA, the agency expects to see a reduced number of accidents involving the EDSA busway separator.

The plan to install steel bollards have been around for some time now. In fact, the idea has been planned as early as July 31.

But what about all the concrete barriers? Well, they will still be around. The agency says they will be relocated near the loading/unloading bays. Considering the Department of Transportation (DOTr) supposedly ordered around 36,000 more concrete barriers, it would be a waste if they just put them aside.

It was not specified when the installation of steel bollards along EDSA will be completed. Do expect it to take a while as these appear to be bolted into position. Hopefully, the new barrier will reduce the number of accidents for both buses and private vehicles along the major thoroughfare.

Do you think the steel bollards will help reduce the number of accidents on EDSA? Or will the result be the same as bus drivers and motorists are to blame?