Lexus has something big in store this coming March 26, and they're trying to keep things a secret for now.

The Japanese luxury marque has opened a new Youtube channel called Lexus Secret Live that we discovered through an invitation ticket. We learned about it via the Creative311 website. They stated the special invitation was distributed by Lexus in Japan. You can take a look at it posted below.

What is Lexus launching on March 26? image

There's nothing noteworthy about the ticket itself. There is a QR code that links you to the Youtube channel. The link likewise brings you to the page too. It does say Feel the Lexus Fair on the side, and upon searching around, it is a live event on-going at Lexus dealerships in the Gifu prefecture. We've visited the Lexus Online Secret Live Youtube channel too, and at the moment, there's nothing there. It doesn't even have any description in the about tab. But if we're betting, the channel is likely for an upcoming vehicle launch.

But what could Lexus be launching? There are various possibilities, including the Japan-debut of the IS 500 F Sport Performance with a 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine. But possibly the most probable suspect is the next-generation Lexus NX. As you may recall, a video and photos of the next-generation crossover leaked online a few weeks ago, effectively revealing the all-new NX in full. The only details not present were the powertrain details.

We now know the look of the next-gen NX. There is no reason for Lexus to hold out the launch. Better yet, people would be able to see the crossover in more detail; no more grainy resolution screenshots taken from the leaked video. At the same time, we will learn the other changes Lexus made to the new model.

What do you think Lexus will be showcasing in their new “secret” Youtube channel? Will it be the launch of the new NX or an entirely different model? Whatever it is, we'll be keeping tabs on that Youtube channel.