More and more automakers are going retro to introduce their new lineup of electric vehicles. One of the trendsetters was Volkswagen with the I.D. Buzz, a modern version of the Type 2/Kombi/Microbus. Similarly, Renault has the new 5 EV Prototype. Over in Asia, Hyundai did the same with the Ioniq 5, inspired by the company's first model. Even Honda went retro with the all-electric e hatchback – a re-imagination of the first-generation Civic.

Now, Opel has done the same with the Manta. Officially called the Manta GSe ElektroMod, the German marque announced that the iconic coupe will return. Best of all, it retains the same design as the original model, albeit with modern touches such as LED headlights. It is even finished in highlighter-looking paint, similar to some cars in the 70s. A contrasting black hood gives the Manta EV a muscle car feel.

Opel has not disclosed details about the vehicle or its powertrain just yet. But the name is also a tribute to one of the brand's experimental models – the Elektro GT. The Elektro GT was based on the classic Opel GT sold nearly 50 years ago. Coincidentally, it is also Opel's first electric vehicle. It managed to hit 100 km/h in six seconds, using a pair of electric motors.

For now, there's a lot of uncertainty about the new Manta EV. Opel did not even disclose whether it will enter production or will be a concept. But, we'll learn more about it in the coming weeks.

As more automakers revive their classic models and turn them into EVs, it seems retro is the future of electrification. We won't be surprised if we see more retro cars reborn as manufacturers shift towards electrification.

With that, what classic vehicle do you think automakers should revive into an EV? We know there are a lot of good models to choose from over dozens of manufacturers. So, we'll let you go at it in the comments section. But seriously, a new Toyota Celica EV (inspired by the first-gen model) or a Nissan Silvia EV sounds nice, right? Or, should Mitsubishi revive the Minica and turn it into a city car instead? Let us know what you think.