Being that the Manila Auto Salon is the biggest annual show slated for the latter part of the calendar, the event acts as a year-ender of sorts for all participants, builders, and enthusiasts alike. As with years prior, the culmination of all-out builds, restorations, and even backyard projects make their way into the SMX exhibition center to be showcased over the weekend. That said, allow us to take you through some of the notable vehicles present at this year's event.

Japanese customs

Considering that our aftermarket industry has a very prominent Japanese presence and inspiration, there's no surprise that you'll find some vehicles properly dressed with parts from the land of the rising sun. From the iconic rivalry of Evos and STIs, to top-dollar Honda builds, all the way to a pistonless Mazda, the JDM side of things are well covered among this year's participants.

RX-7 at PIMS


Mustangs by Classic Speed

While it's obvious that Japanese cars and parts will trickle their way here given our proximity with Japan, that's not to say that cars from across the pond aren't properly represented as well. American Muscle cars take their own small slice of attendance, with both old and new muscle taking sizeable space on the show floor. Heading the American presence at the show though are these trio of retro Mustangs. Can you tell what's special about each of them?

Lamborghini Gallardo

You can't mention “all-out” builds without the presence of european exotics. Despite thinking that these cars will be left unfettled with, you'd be surprised to find a rather wild F12 Berlinetta sitting center stage at this year's show with a full Novitec Rosso kit. Several other Italian exotics like this tricked out Lamborghini Gallardo as well as rare retro pieces from Europe are sprawled around the show floor as well.

Sport Truck Show

Upon entering the show you may notice the presence of hordes of 4x4 vehicles around the back area. Thanks to the tie-up with the Sport Truck Show, this year's show floor is shared with lifted trucks and their heavy equipment. Taking up a good number of these trucks are heavily beefed-up versions of pick up trucks we find regularly on the streets. With the way these trucks are lifted, it appears these things would definitely have no problem taking on flooded city streets during rainy season.

199 Off Road House Toyota Tundra

Care for a hardcore lifted truck instead? A plethora of SUVs are also on hand to give you ideas on how to prepare for the apocalypse. This fully tricked out Toyota Tundra from 199 Off Road House may give you some sort of an idea. Even SUV entries get into the rare game with a rather unusual Mercedes Unimog offroader at the far back of the show. display

While you're at the event, come by the booth and check out our display cars as well. You can also grab limited-edition sticker as well.

Apart from the plethora of tricked out trucks and SUVs, you can find new products, special deals on parts and accessories for your own vehicles as well. The 2016 Manila Auto Salon and Sport Truck Show will go on until Sunday, November 6th at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia.