The current Toyota Land Cruiser has been around since 2007 and some of us have been wondering, when is the all-new model going to arrive? After all, the Land Cruiser of the present, also known as the LC200, has gone through 11 years of production with just series of facelifts.

Well, according to Japanese magazine Best Car, we might just see 9th-generation model by mid-2020. That also means we might just get a sneak-peek of it by late 2019. So, what's in the pipeline for the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser?

It's safe to say that there will be major mechanical revisions to the iconic 4x4. According to Best Car, it will retain the traditional body-on-frame construction but ride on an all-new platform, likely to be more rigid than the current one. It's safe to say that the Land Cruiser won't go soft for the next-generation. However, there is one bit of information that may raise eyebrows of Land Cruiser fans.

Best Car said that Toyota may be dropping the V8 option for the large SUV. Replacing the eight-cylinder motor will be a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6, just like the one found in the Lexus LS500. It has also been reported that a hybrid may join the range which may be sourced from the Crown Hybrid. The Crown Hybrid also uses a 3.5-liter V6, supplemented by electric motors. If it's true, it will be the first time the Land Cruiser will get a hybrid powertrain. At the moment, it is yet to be known if a diesel option will carry on to the 9th-generation model.

Of course, Toyota isn't confirming, or denying, what the next-gen Land Cruiser will be like. That said, it's good to know that Toyota isn't killing off its icon. Given that it's a popular 4x4 in parts of the world, we expect to see the Land Cruiser name to hang on for many more years, maybe even decades, to come.

Source: Best Car JP via Left Lane News