Nissan reveals 2021 NV350 Premium GX Black Gear

Nissan can't seem to make enough special edition models of the NV350 Urvan. From the sharp-dressed Urban Chrome to the Multi-bed special that turns the NV350 into a mobile home, Nissan is keen on making more cool variants of the people carrier.

This time, Nissan made a special version of the NV350 Urvan called the Premium GX Black Gear. While it looks like the van only features visual upgrades, this particular model actually has a special surprise inside.

But let's start with its aesthetic upgrades first. Based on its nameplate alone, this van features plenty of blacked-out elements. From the front grille, side mirror caps, door handles, and 15-inch alloy wheels, Nissan made sure this NV350 has plenty of dark features. Contrasting with the black elements are the orange accents that give the van a sporty vibe. These can be seen on the foglight bezels, on top of the side mirrors, as well as on the 'Black Gear' and black graphic sticker on the side.

Is this Nissan Urvan Premium GX Black Gear the coolest road trip vehicle? image

The interior, on the other hand, also comes with black and gray elements. But just like the exterior, neat touches of orange accents on the aircon vents and seats provide a striking contrast against the predominantly dark interior. Okay, so it doesn't transform the cabin into a GT-R, but it's nice to see Nissan adding a bit of flair in their van.

Is this Nissan Urvan Premium GX Black Gear the coolest road trip vehicle? image

So we covered the aesthetic upgrades of the NV350 Premium GX Black Gear. But what makes this van really special? Well, this people carrier can only seat a total of five. Now while that may be a downer, it means this van can carry a lot more cargo, which is useful on road trips.

Whether you're heading out-of-town, going on a camping/fishing trip, or plan to hit bike trails, the NV350 GX Premium Black Gear's claimed 3,050mm luggage compartment length means it can carry more than your standard van. With that much more space, you might not need a roof rack anymore. 

Is this Nissan Urvan Premium GX Black Gear the coolest road trip vehicle? image

Planning to get one? Sadly, this NV350 is only available on the Japanese market. Maybe Nissan Philippines could make a version of their own and sell it as a distinct variant alongside the other Urvans. If it were up to us, we'd make it a seven-seater, and keep the special trims and wheels.

If Nissan Philippines makes its own version of the Premium GX Black Gear, where would you take it? A day in the race track would be nice, plus it makes a cool support vehicle too.