Will Honda launch the next-generation BR-V, Mobilio, or a new model entirely?

Honda may be fresh from the global debut of the new 2022 Civic, but that won’t be the only model they’ll be launching as of late.

The Japanese automaker will reveal another vehicle this coming May 3, 2021. Unlike the Civic, however, there’s no word on what this vehicle will be. The only clue we have is this lone teaser photo posted by Honda Indonesia. With that, let the guessing game begin.

What vehicle is Honda launching on May 3, 2021? image

There are a few possibilities on what this mystery Honda model will be. Upon tweaking the photo, the vehicle in question has an aggressive-looking front end. It also features Honda’s new design language that consists of slim LED headlights and a wide grille. Interestingly, the world premiere will be happening in Indonesia. Having said that, the mystery vehicle will likely be one of the models built there.

One possibility is that the vehicle in the teaser photo is the next-generation Mobilio. The MPV is one of the oldest models in Honda’s lineup for the ASEAN region, first introduced in 2014. It has undergone several facelifts over the years, but it’s still the same vehicle and is now 7 years old. If there’s one vehicle in Honda’s lineup that needs a next-generation model, it’s this one. Doing so would allow Mobilio to compete against the newer seven-seat offerings from other automakers.

Others, however, are saying the vehicle in question is the new BR-V. Like the Mobilio from which it's based, the BR-V is also becoming a dated model compared to its competitors since it was launched way back in 2016. Given how serious the subcompact crossover market is today, a new BR-V will help Honda retain market share in the segment.

What vehicle is Honda launching on May 3, 2021? image

While it could be one of the Mobilio/BR-V twins, Honda Indonesia could also be launching a new model entirely. Last year, Honda filed a trademark for the name ZR-V. However, we have yet to hear or even see anything come to fruition. It’s possible that the name was patented for future use, or it could be for the mystery model here.

Whatever Honda is launching, we think it will look right at home with the current lineup of vehicles. Thankfully, the wait won’t be too long since May 3 is right around the corner.