Last night, the three Filipino drivers took part in the Toyota GR Supra GT Cup Asia Regionals for the very first time.

However, if you watched the livestream either on Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) Facebook page or on the One Esports Youtube/Facebook, you’ll notice that the trio of Filipino drivers (myself included) were not using the Philippine flag. Instead, the Filipino drivers had the Hong Kong flag beside their names while all other drivers from other countries had the right flag: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and India.

Why can

The issue of the Philippine flag not showing up on Gran Turismo Sport has been an issue for a while now. In fact, it dates back to the launch of the PlayStation 3 in 2006. Worse yet, the issue isn’t just on Gran Turismo Sport but for the whole PlayStation Network (PSN).

The PlayStation Network doesn't have the Philippines as a country under their options list.

Why can

Before you get your pitchforks up, our country is not being singled out. The reason given why there is no Philippine region to choose from on PSN is because of our internet speed, or lack thereof. According to a source, standard Philippine internet speeds simply don’t pass the requirements of Sony and PSN. Ouch.

Why can

For the longest time, Filipino players have been forced to run either Singapore, Hong Kong, or even US accounts because there is no Philippine region/country to choose from. As such, this has led to some complications in online championships. Worse yet, it has prevented some up and coming Filipino e-motorsport talents from officially joining esports events, including those in Gran Turismo Sport.

With the launch of the PlayStation 5 next month, hopefully, Sony has addressed the issue and added a Philippine region to choose from. It would certainly represent our country’s drivers better at next year’s GR Supra Cup Asia Regional Round rather than just putting the HK flag on. If not, maybe Polyphony Digital could introduce an official Philippine flag for Gran Turismo 7 too.