Cash lanes are gone for good, says Toll Regulatory Board

We're already a few days in the cashless toll scheme, and there are still those who want the cash lanes back. It's not just the motoring public, though, as members of the Senate are asking the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) to reconsider their current position. Even San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is asking the TRB if they can extend the cash lanes until February.

However, the TRB is sticking to their guns, implying that the cash lanes are good as gone. So why is the agency firm on this decision? According to Engineer Abraham P. Sales, executive director of the Toll Regulatory Board, he believes the public got enough of a heads up over the past couple of months. Sales adds that the public awareness campaign started several months before the new rule's implementation.

Initially, the cashless toll scheme was supposed to be implemented back in November but pushed back to December instead. If anything, the move back to December extended the no-contact payment scheme's transition period.

DOTr assistant secretary Goddes Hope Libiran further explained that the transition period started in August, which is more than enough time for motorists to get their RFID tags. She also mentioned that we are still in a transition period as those without RFID stickers will not be penalized yet until January 11. After that, anyone caught traveling expressways without the said tag will be fined PHP 1,000. The same also applies to those with insufficient balance.

As a reminder, AutoSweep is valid in SLEX, Skyway, NAIAX, MCX, STAR Tollway, and TPLEX. Meanwhile, EasyTrip is for NLEX, NLEX Harbor Link, C5 Link, SCTEX, CAVITEX, and CALAX.