The 2020 Toyota Hiace Super Grandia is here, and it’s quite the luxury shuttle. So far, we’re liking its kit and accommodations it has to offer. There is, however, one thing that has puzzled us since the Super Grandia's launch.

Why is there no high-roof version of the luxo-van? Well, it’s all because of our parking the Metro at least.

Why is there no high-roof Toyota Super Grandia? image

See, the Super Grandia is pitched towards those who demand a multi-seat luxury vehicle for the city. With the Grandia Tourer measuring at about 2.28 meters tall, that body style doesn’t exactly fit in all multi-storey car parks. According to Toyota, the typical Super Grandia customer would bring their vans into these sorts of parking spaces.

After Toyota carefully studied the market, they concluded that they had to go for the low-roof version for the van to fit in such structures. So if you want a high-roof Hiace, you’ll have to go for the GL Tourer. That version is for those who practically need a minibus but don’t have to worry too much about low ceilings.

Why is there no high-roof Toyota Super Grandia? image

But that doesn’t mean a high-roof version is out of the picture. According to the company, they’re currently studying an LXV-style model, although nothing is set in stone for now.

So, do you want Toyota to make an ultimate luxury minibus? Chime in the comments. Toyota’s always willing to hear some feedback.