When the all-new Toyota Corolla was introduced earlier this year, there were two versions that were shown. There was the Sporty version and the Prestige version.

Why is there no “Sporty” version Toyota Corolla Altis? image

The Sporty version (as pictured above) is the one found in North America and Japan while the Prestige model is what Europe and ASEAN markets have, us included. While the Prestige model is a rather handsome looking car, we can’t help but wonder why we didn’t get the Sporty look instead.

And now that question has been answered. Simply put, the ASEAN market is pitching the Corolla Altis as the younger brother of the Camry. That means you’ll see some of the luxury trimmings of the big sedan being implemented into the smaller model. The Sporty model simply doesn’t align with that direction, hence, why we don’t get it.

That’s not the only reason why we get the Prestige model rather than the Sporty variant. It’s the fact that this body style is built in Thailand. Since we source our Corolla Altis from that country, this is the model that we get.

Why is there no “Sporty” version Toyota Corolla Altis? image

But are there any chances we’ll have the other look? It doesn’t seem like it because of the automaker’s direction in the region. Of course, it would be cool if Toyota Philippines could offer the Corolla hatchback here. With its bolder front end (same as the Sporty Corolla sedan), it might spice things up a bit. For now, however, it’s only the sedan for us.