A lot is going on over at Honda at the moment. The City Hatch is expanding its reach in Southeast Asia, and they pulled the covers off the redesigned HR-V. Not only that, but they are also set to reveal the full specs of the next-generation Civic next week.

But Honda isn't finished with 2021 yet. It seems that they are getting ready to premiere the all-new CR-V. That's because it was spied yet again with a little less camouflage. The new set of photos are also much closer to the next-generation crossover, and that gives us a better chance to see more details.

Will Honda reveal the all-new CR-V this year? image

From the looks of it, the sixth-generation CR-V takes some cues from the recently launched HR-V. It also seems that it will feature an evolution of the marque's Solid Wing Face design language. At the front, we see slim headlights and a wide grille at the center. We also have a small peek at its headlight pattern, and we can expect mid to high-spec models to come with LED units.

The flanks are still heavily camouflaged, but there is no disguising the length of the new crossover. Given that it was one of the shortest in its class, it is no surprise that Honda added a few inches to the future CR-V. That also means we can expect more space inside, especially for third-row passengers. At the back, we have a glimpse of its taillights. It reminds us a little of the all-new HR-V, although we'd like to see the vertical taillights for this one. After all, it has been a signature look of the CR-V since 1995.

Will Honda reveal the all-new CR-V this year? image

Engine choices are a mystery at the moment, but these will likely be carried over from the current models. That means we might be looking at a 2.0-liter gas, 1.6-liter turbodiesel, and 1.5-liter turbo-gas. With a push towards plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles, we might see the 2022 CR-V with these options down the line.

Even though the information is limited at the moment, it's great to see Honda preparing a new generation of models for the 2020s. After the Civic, this is the next model we are all looking forward to in the coming months.