Geely's newly found premium division, Lynk & Co, will be arriving at the 2017 Auto Shanghai with their latest concept sedan, the 03. Like their previously presented 01 crossover, the new 03 was co-developed with Volvo and will use the CMA platform developed by Volvo. The CMA platform will also used in the next-generation S40, which means the 03 sedan could also share parts with Volvo's new-generation sedan.

Style-wise, the exterior looks similar to the earlier released 01 with the front fascia looking almost identical. The 03 uses a full-width upper and lower grille except slimmer than the 01. Mounting of the headlights are also similar with them being mounted up on top flanking the hood. 

Is the Lynk & Co '03' sedan concept also the new Volvo S40?

To contrast the full white body, the upper and lower grilles, along with the roof, mirrors, and part of the sideskirts have been painted black. Meanwhile, filling up the wheel arches are 5-spoke wheels, also similar to the 01.

At the back, there is a full-length blackened integrated diffuser, with the actual diffuser fitted right at the center. Twin exhaust pipes exit through the ends of the integrated diffuser give the 03 a sportier overall appeal. Meanwhile the L-shaped taillights, which gives a false one-piece look, seem to be taken from the 01 without any major changes.

Is the Lynk & Co '03' sedan concept also the new Volvo S40?

Inside, the cabin also feels similar to that of the 01 crossover, which has been taken from the Volvo XC-40 Concept, with almost all details in place. The main difference from the others would have to be the Lync & Co badge on the steering wheel along with the all-digital instrument cluster and large infotainment screen.

Is the Lynk & Co '03' sedan concept also the new Volvo S40?

As of the moment, technical details are not yet available regarding the 03, but given that the 01 rides on the CMA platform, it would not be surprising if the two were to use the same engines. It could also be using a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine working together with an electric motor, like the one in the 01.

Aside from the powertrain, the 03 could also have access to Volvo's wide array of safety and driver's assistance system. More details regarding the upcoming 03 will be revealed when Lynk & Co officially present it at the 2017 Auto Shanghai.