It may not look like it but the Mitubishi Xpander is actually one of the higher riding cars in its segment. After all, it's 205 millimeters off the ground, or about 8.1 inches. There are 'SUVs' we know of with even less.

But that doesn't seem enough for Mitsubishi as they are about to launch another crossover or SUV based off of the popular MPV. It is set to be shown at the upcoming 2019 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show, typically held in August.

You might have noticed that we said Xpander-based. That's because the folks from Indonesian publication said that Mitsubishi Motor Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia have been experimenting around with the Xpander's platform. They added that the new crossover will still retain the seven-seat configuration, and will likely have a more 'SUV' appearance. A baby Montero Sport of sorts, perhaps.

Nothing is certain at this point and it could just well be an even taller, higher-riding version of the Xpander. After all, Mitsubishi has been making variants called the Active Gear, which gives some models a bit more of a rugged makeover. That said the Active Gear models focus more on the aesthetic rather than upgrading mechanical parts.

Right now, there are two trains of though on the Xpander-based crossover. One is a totally different design based on the Xpander's platform, and the other being a high-riding version of the popular MPV. We're not likely to see any extensive alterations to the chassis, but anything can be possible. It will be months before the crossover/SUV will be revealed so there might be more information when the launch date draws closer.