Nissan files trademark for new, minimalist logo... and a new Z badge too

As we enter a new decade, a couple of automakers are going for a new look with their brand logos. Mini kicked off the whole thing in 2017, followed by Volkswagen in late 2019. More recently, BMW redesigned its logo, although they said it won't be used on cars. Now, it's Nissan's turn.

Nissan goes retro for its new logo image

Nissan is the first among the Japanese marques to change their logo design, based on a trademark filing made in Uruguay dated March 9, 2020. This is significant news as Nissan's compatriots don't typically change their emblems. Toyota, for instance, has had the same design for over 30 years. Honda on the other barely altered it in nearly 40 years. Among the Japanese big three, it's actually Nissan that constantly evolved their logo.

Nissan goes retro for its new logo image

First shown on the Ariya electric crossover concept shown at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, the new logo follows the trend of a slimmer, minimalist design. It's still recognizable though, as the half circles still surround the Nissan font. The word Nissan, however, is no longer 'encased' in a silver box, although it seems that that bit is more applicable to their documents rather than their cars. After all, it will be difficult to make it appear like a free-floating design once it's on a vehicle's grill or trunk lid.

Nissan goes retro for their new logo image

Nissan also filed trademark applications for a new logo for the Z sports coupe in Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, and Canada. When we say new, it's actually more of a retro design, harking back to the early '70s. For comparison basis, the current Z badge is slim with a slash that runs along it. The new one is bolder and thicker with a slanted and winged bar in the middle, just like the classics. This could also mean that an all-new Z-Car isn't too far off on the horizon.

Nissan hasn't mentioned when they'll be applying it to cars just yet. Perhaps they will introduce it in future or facelifted models within a year or two.

Would you like Nissan to use this new logo right away?