For the longest time, Nissan's subcompact crossover has been the Juke. These days however, it's accompanied by the Kicks, which is sold in the Americas and in India. But we've always been curious about the Kicks, pondering if we'll be getting that since we're a strong market for these kinds of vehicles anyway.

The thing is, the two subcompact crossovers (Kicks and Juke) aren't sold alongside each other worldwide. It's either you get one or the other and never both. Since the Juke is all-new for 2020 and the Kicks is still a relatively fresh product, what will we be getting?

Will Nissan Kicks replace the Juke here? image

By the looks of things, it seems that we'll be getting the Kicks instead of the Juke. You would think that we'll get the Juke since it's been around the Philippine market for quite some time already. However, Nissan might be taking a new approach for the ASEAN market when it comes to the subcompact crossover segment.

That's because the Kicks was recently spied driving on the streets of Thailand. Thailand has been sort of our barometer when it comes to new cars. What we see launched there would typically have a very high chance of being offered over here as well. While it isn't certain just yet, there is a strong indication that it's the Kicks for our region, and the Juke for Japan and Europe.

Will Nissan Kicks replace the Juke here? image

Of course, it's all speculation at the moment. Given the dynamics of the Philippine market, the second-generation Juke still has a possibility of coming here due to the fact that it has established itself. At the same time, the Kicks is priced lower than the Juke, meaning Nissan Philippines can actually price these below the current SRP of the Juke.

Only time will tell which one will get. One thing is for sure though, Nissan Philippines will be very busy in 2020.

Source: Headlightmag Forums