Next-generation Mini Cooper Electric to have better range, more power

Just before the holidays last year, Mini Philippines General Manager Jefferson Lizardo confirmed that come 2024, they will be launching an electric Cooper. While no exact details were revealed, we initially thought they plan to launch the Cooper SE.

However, Mini Philippines could get something entirely different. Say hello to the next-generation Mini Electric Cooper and it’s set to make its world debut soon. With Mini set to become a fully-electric brand by 2025, this is our first glimpse at the company’s eventual shift to zero emissions.

Will PH get the all-new Mini Cooper Electric? image

Despite still being covered in a camouflage livery, Mini was quick to point out the power outputs of the new electric hatchbacks. Starting with the entry-level Cooper E, Mini says it puts out 184 PS which matches the power rating of the outgoing Cooper SE. Meanwhile, the all-new Cooper SE will generate 218 PS which is more than what the current model makes.

Not only that, but Mini also revealed the new high-voltage lithium-ion battery for both the new-generation electric hot hatches. The Cooper E comes with a 40.7 kWh pack while the Copper SE has a slightly bigger 54.2 kWh battery. The automaker claims that this will allow the electric Mini to cover between 300 to 400 km, respectively. The outgoing Cooper SE can only manage up to 235 to 270 km with its smaller 32.6 kWh battery.

Will PH get the all-new Mini Cooper Electric? image

But does this mean the fifth-generation Mini Hatch will only be available with electric powertrains? Since 2025 is still quite far, the automaker says it will still be available with TwinPower Turbo engines that will complement the hatchback's go-kart-like handling. That means we can expect the 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged engines to still make their way in the all-new Mini.

No exact dates yet have been revealed by Mini regarding its launch date. However, we can expect the ICE and EV versions to be revealed later this year.