Patent images of what could be the next-gen Honda BR-V have been leaked

Back in May, Honda revealed the N7X Concept, effectively a preview of the next-generation BR-V. Honda may not have described it literally as a BR-V, but the shape and style of the vehicle do point to an all-new model coming soon.

Then in June, a leaked document sheds some light on the possible specifications and variants of Honda's upcoming 7-seater. If the document is to be believed, there will be a total of six variants (1.5 S M/T, 1.5 S CVT, 1.5 E M/T, 1.5 E CVT, 1.5 Premium CVT, and 1.5 Premium HS). Like before, it will continue to be powered by a 1.5-liter engine.

Will the all-new Honda BR-V look like this? image

Until now, we have yet to see the BR-V in production form. But thanks to a new leak, we now have an idea of what it may look like once launched.

If the images are to be believed, the BR-V's new design will look similar to that of the N7X concept. Perhaps the only differences the production model will have over the concept are the Civic-like headlights, the updated foglight bezels, and what appears to be a revised front bumper. The rear, on the other hand, pretty much remains the same, including the LED taillights, the tailgate, and the rear bumper. It's uncertain whether the 5-spoke wheels fitted on the patent will be the same ones used production. 

Will the all-new Honda BR-V look like this? image

Unfortunately, there are no patent images of the interior. More than likely, though, the BR-V will share a similar interior design as the City/City Hatchback. This means it could get new touchscreen infotainment, a sportier set of gauges, and a redesigned center stack with restyled climate controls.

Honda has yet to reveal when the all-new BR-V will be launched. But given that the N7X concept is pretty much a thinly-veiled preview of the new 7-seater, we might not have to wait long. There's even a rumor going around that it could debut in Indonesia this August. Should that be true, then we won't be surprised to see the next-generation BR-V arrive in the country by 2022 or before the year ends.

Source: wapcar via headlightmag