A lot is going on over at Toyota at the moment. Lately, they have been launching all-new and updated models, and there are a lot more launches in the pipeline. With that, there is one bit of information that caught our attention, and it's about the Innova.

Recently, the popular MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) received a facelift in Indonesia and Thailand. The 2021 Innova gets exterior tweaks such as redesigned bumpers with more defined corners, along with slimmer and upright turn signal lamps. Also new is the grille and two-tone alloy wheels. We all know that, but Toyota might even add a new variant called the Innova Zenix.

The name Innova Zenix was trademarked on December 4 in the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO). Its current status is “Under Formality Validation”, so Toyota might use it soon. So, what can it be? It might be a new top-spec variant for the Innova, at least in select markets.

If you've noticed, most of the IMV-based Toyota models have a unique name for top of the line variants. For instance, the Hilux has Conquest, and the Fortuner has Legender (or LTD in the Philippines). Even the Innova has a special variant in Indonesia dubbed the Venturer. If we were to base it on that, Zenix could be the luxury-grade model in markets outside Indonesia.

Then again, Zenix might be exclusive to the Malaysian market. But regardless, this trademark hints at premium Innova variants for other countries. That means the Philippines could get an Innova Zenix, albeit with a different name. If Toyota pushes through with this plan, the question now is this: Will Toyota Motor Philippines repurpose the LTD name, or will TMP come up with something else? Whatever the case is, we are sure to get the updated Innova soon.