It's clear that the Rush, a new 7 (or 5) seater SUV from Toyota, is easily one of the most anticipated new vehicles of 2018. 

The new product from Toyota Motor Philippines is already racking up reservations at dealerships who are all too eager to market their brand's most affordable SUV in recent years. But like any popular Toyota model, this popularity begs the question: will there be enough supply to meet the demand? 

During the launch of the Rush last friday, we asked Mr. Jing Atienza, Toyota's Senior Vice President for the Marketing Division, regarding the issue of unit supplies.

“We have no issues with supply of units from Indonesia.” said Mr. Atienza. “Since the Rush is intended to be a model that will be marketed in other regions like South America and Africa, Toyota had anticipated the demand.”

The Rush is made by Toyota in Indonesia, and all Philippine market units will be imported from there. We asked if there will be a strain on the supply chain given that small seven seaters are in such high demand in Indonesia, but Toyota's SVP assured us there should be no problems.

“We are initially targeting 1000 units of the Rush a month, and we are ready to meet that demand,” continued Mr. Atienza. “We had just started sending out our units today to dealerships, and they were really excited.”

Traditionally, every popular Toyota unit (which is quite a few, frankly speaking) in the last decade or so has been gobbled up by the Philippine market that reservation lists at dealerships are often overwhelmed, leading to long lines and plenty of frustration for customers. This is particularly more common for Toyota's popular SUV models that have to be shipped from their factories abroad. 

Time will tell if we will see long waiting lists at Toyota dealerships but by all indications, Toyota has been preparing to meet the rush of customers.